Six steps to your success!

If you are familiar with my blogs, then you know that I love giving advice on how you can better improve yourself. Not just in a personal aspect but a business aspect as well. I’m reading a new book on my self development called Psycho-Cybernetics 2000. Looking to not only better myself, but make a clear base of what I need to become successful in my business.

How many of you out there constantly give a helping hand to others to get on the right track but when it comes to you you struggle? My hand is raised high. I noticed that I can give others advice a and guidance but not able to advance myself the way I need to in order to succeed.


I am going to share my personal experiences and growth with this book review. Detailing each chapter to my own experiments and hopefully helping you along the way.

 I learned that there are six steps to success that Maxwell Maltz speaks about in Psycho Cybernetics. They are as follows:

1. Program Yourself for Success

2. Imagine your way to success

3. Relax and turn stress into success

4. Set Goals: A prerequisite to success

5. Use negative feedback to point you toward success

6. Disinhibit your personality and fuel success

 Get ready everyone as I begin this process. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take a leap of action with me as well.  You never know where you fail until you take that first step.

On my next blog I will explore step 1 in further detail to let you know how  I programmed myself for success and how you can too.

Until next time take a deep breath, exhale and smile!




To find out how you can express some of your personal success’ by blogging, watch this video and let me know what you think!


I am a family oriented person and love working from home. I finally found an opportunity to do what I love and earn a great income. I am out to help as many as I can do the same and have a successful life. See you on the inside.

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6 comments on “Six steps to your success!
  1. Nate Leung says:

    Hi Krystle,

    I’ve also read Maxwell Maltz’s Psycho Cybernetics. It’s interesting when you finish the book, everything comes together and makes perfect sense. Really, it’s not as complicated as we think they are!

  2. Simera says:

    Great informative post.

  3. very interesting and motivating story. Many Thanks for posting about the tips to success.

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