How to program yourself for success!

“[The] creative mechanism within you is impersonal. It will work automatically and impersonally to achieve goals of success and happiness, or unhappiness and failure, depending on the goals which you yourself set for it.” ~Maxwell Maltz

In my previous blog I shared with you about my new read and my new personal goal. With that being said I want to get started on my first action step that is programming myself for success.

Correct your programming

I learned a lot from this first step , which is vital in determining your programming! I am goal driven and want to be persistent at everything. Even getting my hands on anything I felt could change my way of thinking to become successful. It was second nature, but it also made me become over my head in stress. No wonder I couldn’t get anything done. Too many tangible things around me that I wanted to improve but I was forgetting about myself. You may think that this is a good thing but it is not. Programming of this sort will only cause failure to occur because there wasn’t just one thing I was focused on. It was countless items and ideas that I wanted to fix, create and nurture. In the end they all became failures causing more harm than good to my success and personal life. A change needed to occur and fast.

Change habits of failure into habits of success!

I was so thrilled to have gotten off the first portion of this book. I knew what I was doing was not adequate, even for the smartest person! My failures became more prominent and more of a distraction from where I wanted and needed to be.  Yes, I knew better. I had to go back and read my blog I wrote on how to overcome your failures.

 You see, you can only go as far as you take yourself. Some will be weary in this decision making because of lack of skill or being told soo many times what there were failures. Too many times we allow others to determine our destiny. We allow those images to be kept in the back of our minds and when something goes wrong, we just know it was because of those negative words that were told to use.

For example, I was called skinny and a nerd growing up. Yes, can you believe that. I was slim, yes and I did wear the thick glasses and of course I was smart, but let me slip and make an 85 or below, it really threw me for a lope. It would make me feel not smart because I was so used to being that nerd type person. Not because I was smart but because that’s what soo many people relied on me being. Whether it be a classmate or a friend even family.

The process I had to take and learn was that no matter what the grade I was smart no matter what. No matter how much I ate I didn’t gain weight. Does that reflect the person on the inside of me? No, of course not. I had to learn to cancel out any negative action with a positive reaction by using the CRAFT system!

What is C.R.A.F.T.?

No it’s not macaroni and cheese that starts with a ‘C’! It’s basically a system that I was taught in Psycho Cybernetics 2000. When growing up I only used the C and the R, because I didn’t know a system like this existed and this helped me get through school with the skinny and nerd name calling. But it worked never the less. Now that I am older and having had many failures in my business, this method has been able to turn my negative thinking into a positive one.

Let’s break down the meaning of what C.R.A.F.T. Really means and how it can be of benefit to you.

C-Cancel~ cancel old,  negative data.

You can relate when negativity is at your hand. Whether you are behind the wheel of your car or at work, whatever the occasion and someone has just told you that you are an air head; the person in the car ahead of you flicked you off or you tell yourself that you are in over your head; You must take a minute to cancel your next thought process immediately! Start canceling the negative data and replace it with new data.

R-Replace- Replace it with new, positive data.

Your not in over your head. You just need to reorganize your work flow. The person who flicked you off isn’t aimed to hurt you. They are just having an off day. Positive data is the key to overcoming the negative energy you are receiving.

A-Affirm your new image to yourself

When you were called an airhead at work you cancelled that data and replaced it with positive data. You are smart and driven, you affirmed this by your work ethics and your goals set before you. You must remember what Maltz says about affirmations. He states that, “used alone they will not change habits. Only if the self-image is in a process of change will they begin to take effect. Affirmations help to point you back on course when feedback from your old, negative self-image makes you concentrate on the curb instead of your destination. But unless you have a destination, affirm-action will turn quickly to frustration.”

F-Focus on an image of a successful you.

I love this part. You reflect on the image you see yourself being. Set aside about 5-10 per day by yourself with no distractions and just pick something to reflect on. Whether it be your self image, your business success, learning skills etc. ; reflect on how this is important to you and how you will feel during this moment. It is definitely life changing.

 T-Train yourself for lasting change.

If you are reflecting an image of success then start being successful. If you are reflecting a smaller body image, then think that way. If you are reflecting a determined person, be determined a set it before you that this too can be accomplished.

 Let me advise of my C.R.A.F.T. Story. I am determined to be determined. I am goal oriented, but I focus on too many goals and try to accomplish them at the same time. I feel like I let myself down a lot and I question whether my success will ever come. STOP! CANCEL! Determined and goal oriented yes. Failure no. I am not a failure. If I allow myself to reorganize and structure my goals I am going to be successful in my business. I see it every single day and as long as I see it, I will believe it and it will be true!

What’s your story and how will you reprogram your thinking into a habit of positive thinking? Leave your reply below!


Become goal oriented and help others with the system that I am using. Click here to watch this free video on how you can do it too!

I am a family oriented person and love working from home. I finally found an opportunity to do what I love and earn a great income. I am out to help as many as I can do the same and have a successful life. See you on the inside.

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2 comments on “How to program yourself for success!
  1. Hello Krystle,

    A nice and inspiring article you wrote here on programming one self for success.

    I like the CRAFT orientation and its really what I need at this point of my life. The F which stands for focus has always been my watch word. But I will ad to it T which stands for training yourself for lasting goals.

    Thanks so much for sharing, Philip

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