About Me


My name is Krystle Shaw! I am married and have a 8 year old son who definitely keeps me on my toes. I joined network marketing because I wanted a life at home with my family and not away at a J-O-B. Don’t get me wrong I love making money and having it, but you know how J-O-B-S work. You work your but off for your boss and in return you don’t get paid what you are worth. No matter how  much you work you don’t see a raise in your salary. Is that fair? No, not really.

This is why I became a network marketer so I can work from home and be close to my family. Is it hard? At first yes, because I have to realize that this is my business and if I want to make money I know that I have to work for it. I don’t have anyone telling me what to do in my business but me. I hold myself accountable for all my faults and my success’s. This is why I joined Total Life Changes. I love it and I have learned soo much in the last few months since I have joined. Looking to  have you join my team so I can help you as well.

See you at the top!